Can Crosswords Keep Your Brain Young?

If you are a crossword lover, you well know the benefits of solving puzzles everyday. But did you know that the puzzles you pick up everyday can also help to keep your brain young? Let us explore and understand how true this is and what exactly are the benefits of solving puzzles.

Crosswords for Younger Brain

There is no scientific study required about this topic but it has still been proved that solving crosswords daily keeps your brain sharp and agile. Those who played these games daily, have known to exhibit brain functions younger by more than 10 years as compared to those who did not solve them.

There are multiple views regarding this topic and we shall consider each one of them. When you solve crosswords, you tend to use your brain a lot and the cognitive ability is sharpened. You look for new words and thereby increase your vocabulary. Your fluency with the language improves and you are able to think and analyse situations more effectively. This fluency and speed is a function of the speech, language and memory centre of the brain. As a result your brain is working more and you are benefitted in multiple ways. But despite all these benefits, crossword puzzles do not play any role in the overall cognition power of your brain.

Many people who solve these puzzles daily believe that by doing so they will be able to keep diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay. Unfortunately there are no scientific studies yet to turn these beliefs into acceptable facts.

Another study shows that there is a direct relation between the usage of crossword puzzles and speed along with accuracy in performance of cognitive tasks like:

  • Attention
  • Grammatical reasoning
  • Accuracy
  • Reasoning
  • Memory

The study has been done by Keith Wesnes who is a Professor at Exeter University, Britain. According to him, those who regularly solved puzzles were much better at performing the tasks that involved cognitive functions as compared to those who never solved puzzles.

These black and white square puzzles are beneficial not only to those who solve it every day but also who work with it. Many crossword compilers from The Telegraph are on the other side of 80 and are still setting clever crossword puzzles. One such person is Roger Squires who has served with The Telegraph for over three decades and still continues to serve us with an intriguing new puzzles each day. There are many such examples of people who are above the age of 70 or 80 and are still solving puzzles efficiently. According to their personal experiences, the puzzle solving exercise has kept them going and their brains young and active.

So whether or not crosswords keep your brain young, they surely have a lot of things to offer you. It is a cost effective, free exercise for your brain where you get the added advantage of learning new things each day. So start a good habit today and open the crossword page in your newspaper and give it a try!!!

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